The Summer Trade Event | June 3rd – 5th

The Summer Trade Event

Come to the Summer Trade Event for a free vehicle appraisal, and work with our knowledgeable traders for information on your vehicle. Learn about upgrading to an Audi, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, or Volkswagen with special military benefits from Military AutoSource!

Summer Trade Event
June 3rd – June 5th*
Military AutoSource Off-Base Locations
Germany & Italy 

*The Stuttgart MAS Summer Trade Event will take place June 10th-12th 

Military AutoSource is the new vehicle program built for United States Military members stationed overseas. Through our program you can access special military benefits on top manufacturers, only available while stationed overseas!

Choose local European delivery, or have your vehicle delivered stateside when you return!


  1. Having trouble with this site. I’m located by Ramstein, Germany and have been wanting to trade in my 2006 BMW X3 with 82000 miles in Good condition. I have already been dealing with a New Car Dealer but running into trouble with selling my car. I have already been approved for a 2015 Toyota 4Runner have been working with them about selling my car without success.

    • Amy Oberlies

      Hi Manny!

      Thanks for reaching out, we’re happy to help! You can visit our local Ramstein off-base location this weekend for a free vehicle appraisal and discuss your trade-in options with our traders. The link below contains all of the information about our Ramstein location. The contact information for our local Sales Representatives is included as well if you would like to speak to a representative for more information on the event!

      Ramstein Off-Base:

      Please let us know if you continue to have trouble with the website, or if you have any questions!

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