Keeping Your Brakes In Check

It’s no fun worrying about brakes. And most of us don’t. We assume they’re working right and will do their job when called upon. But as with anything, brakes should be checked, maintained and considered so that you can be sure they’re always in working order.

Lucky for you, Toyota brakes are designed to let you know when they are in need of service. Here are four signs that your brakes might need to be serviced.

Brake Light
You know the brake warning light on the dashboard of your car? If it turns on, it could mean a lot of different things. The vehicle could be low on brake fluid or there could be a malfunction in the brake system.

Before you start to worry, check to make sure the parking brake is released. If the light turns off after it’s fully released, the system is operating normally. If not, you should stop the vehicle immediately and contact your Toyota dealer.

Not sure what dashboard indicator we’re talking about? Not to worry, we have an entire section dedicated to decoding blinking lights like your brake light indicator and more.

Increased Stopping Time
If you find yourself braking earlier than you usually do in order to avoid an accident, it’s a good idea to get those brakes checked by a Toyota technician.

Worn Pads
Everyday wear on your brake pads is normal. But when they wear out completely, they can cause expensive damage to your brake rotors.


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