The Owner’s Manual: Getting Your Oil Changed.

The key to a long lasting engine? Regularly scheduled oil changes. Oil changes are one of the most important aspects of car maintenance. Go too long without one, and you could end up paying the price later in your cars life.

Whether you’re a new car owner, or just looking for a refresher course, here is everything you need to know about getting your oil changed.

What is an oil change?

An oil change is the process of draining out the old motor oil, and replacing it with new fresh oil. During the oil change the filter is also replaced.


How often do you need to change your oil?

Many factors go into determining when you need to change your oil, but the safe answer is every 5,000 miles. If you tend to drive like you’re competing in a NASCAR race, you probably want to get your oil changed more often.

Other factors that go into needing to change your oil more often include: Living in an extreme climate, frequent driving on dirt roads, old engines, or often carrying heavy loads.


What happens if I skip an oil change?

Plain and simply, your engine won’t last as long. Old oil does not perform its functions nearly as well as new oil.


Additional Maintenance.
Check the oil level in your car every couple hundred miles. This is something you can do yourself. Remove the dipstick from the oil, wipe it clean with a towel and reinsert it. Now remove the dipstick again. Check to see if your oil is at the Full mark. If it is at or below the Add mark, you’re a quart low and should add a quart of oil. If the oil is showing between the Add and Full mark you can top off your oil.

TIP: Oil flows slowly when it is cool so the dipstick may not immediately reflect any oil you just added. Estimate the amount of oil you need based on your first dipstick reading, then check it again later to be sure you’re near the full mark.


What Oil Should I Use?

When topping off your motor oil, check your car’s owners manual for the recommended motor oil grade.


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