The First Mercedes-Benz Models Arrive in Spangdahlem!

MAS recently welcomed Mercedes-Benz to our Military Sales Program. We are excited to announce the arrival of the first 3 Mercedes-Benz models in Spangdahlem!

 Come down and see the newest editions to our model line-up.

Just arrived: 
350 Sedan
350 Coupe
300 Sedan

350 Sedan
350 sedan

350 Coupe
350 coupe

300 Sedan
300 sedan 

Come down and see for yourself!

Hill Str 58
D-54529 Spangdahlem

Telephone #:
0 65 65 95 86 10
0 65 65 95 57 433

Get Directions 


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  1. When it comes to class none other than Mercedes-Benz comes in mind. And as usual all of these 3 models are eye catching with a powerful engines and salient features.

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