Ford Set Aside Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Mustangs for the U.S. Military

Exchange New Car Sales, and our parent company Overseas Military Sales Corporation (OMSC), were excited to announce earlier this year that Ford had set aside a quantity of the Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition for our military customers.

OMSG is proud to be working with Ford Motor Company, bringing Ford and Lincoln vehicles to our military stationed across the world, since 1995.

Read this great article by Ford on our partnership and the Mustang 50 Year purchase drawing.

Ford Earmarks Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition for Service Personnel

DEARBORN – With only 1,954 of the 50 Year Limited Edition Mustangs to be produced, For
d is delivering a limited number of the special-edition cars to members of the military serving overseas.

Ford Emerging Market Services partners with Overseas Military Sales Corporation (OMSC) to sell vehicles to servicemen and servicewomen. OMSC is the only on-base, factory-authorizes Ford Motor Company distributor to military personnel.


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