Nissan Driver Attention Alert System

The Driver Attention Alert system is a Nissan safety feature that helps reduce drowsy driving.

In 2014, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety released the 2013 Traffic Safety Culture Index. This study included several finding on drowsy driving, including the fact that 1 in 4 drivers have reportedly driven while so tired they struggled to keep their eyes open.

An additional study by the group (Prevalence of Motor Vehicle Crashes Involving Drowsy Drivers, United States, 2009 – 2013) showed that as many as 328,000 police-reported crashes a year, including 6,400 fatal crashes, involve drowsy drivers.

Nissan Driver Attention Alert

Nissan Driver Attention Alert

The Driver Attention Alert system works using steering angle sensors that monitor the steering input patterns to establish a “snapshot” of the drivers behaviors. The system continuously compares driving patterns to detect driving behaviors consistent with drowsy driving.

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The system is smart enough to identify false detections, including lane changes, braking, and poor road conditions.

If the systems detects behavior associated with drowsy driving, it will let you know by:

  • Sounding an audible chime
  • Displaying an amber coffee cup in the instrument pane
  • Displaying the message “Take a break?” next to the coffee cup

The Driver Attention Alert will automatically reset itself when the engine is turned off, and can be turned off by the driver.

This feature is currently available on the Nissan Murano. Order yours using your military discounts from Military AutoSource!


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