Friends and Family Delivery from Military AutoSource

Friends and family delivery

Service members can use their military benefits to order a vehicle overseas and have it delivered to family or friends in the U.S.

Military AutoSource’s Friends and Family Delivery allows customers to order a new car overseas and have it delivered to family or friends in the United States before returning home. By appointing a spouse, family member, or friend with a Power of Attorney, your car can be delivered and registered in your name while you are deployed.

The benefits of Friends and Family Delivery

Does it make sense for you to have your car delivered before you return home? Well, there are multiple benefits to using a Power of Attorney to deliver your car early. For customers looking to purchase a car for their spouse or family to use, delivering it early allows them to get behind the wheel quicker.

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Some customers simply prefer the convenience of having their vehicle delivered and ready to go when they return home. Coming home from a deployment is a hectic time. Using Friends and Family Delivery allows you to cross one more thing off your to-do list. Your Power of Attorney can have the car registered in your name, insured, and ready to go when you arrive home.

How it works

Arranging your Friends and Family Delivery is very simple. First, you have to choose a spouse, child, parent, family member, or appointed friend to be given a Power of Attorney. You then need to obtain a Power of Attorney document from your commanding officer. Your appointed Power of Attorney will need the original document to take delivery of the car.

In addition to the Power of Attorney document, you will need to provide your friend or family member with a copy of your driver’s license and order acceptance document, as well as proof of insurance. Your Military AutoSource delivery coordinator will need to have the contact information for your Power of Attorney so they can organize the delivery of your vehicle.

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