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Guest fitness blogger Linton McClain shares his tips for making the most of your summer while staying within your physical limits.

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Double Time.

By Linton McClain
Personal Trainer, Superior Body Sculpting

Summer is the time of the year that tends to bring forth some of the best life experiences. For that reason, summer tends to be one of our favorite seasons. Throughout the season, the events of summer create unique memories with friends and family while bonding with traditions and new experiences. As you know, this time of the year is quite different as a military member. At this moment, you may be overseas or at your home base. In any case, you would agree that military members experience summer differently. In many cases, you may find yourself pushing your body to its limits. What happens to your body when you reach your limits? Lets find out in this months article “Double Time.”

Know Your Limits

Active duty members have a wide range of skills and abilities. For the most part, every military member will develop and master different abilities over the course of their career. Each military branch offers a different skill set and mastery. Certainly, every military member has a resume that offers a sense of pride and accomplishment. Have you ever noticed that there are certain expectations to meet when you visit family? With your military training you are expected to have confidence, ability, and courage. How many times have you found yourself in a situation in which you were not prepared mentally or physically? Did you proceed or step back?

Military training is excellent training but it has its limits. It can be easy to forget that we are in a very structured environment when we are at our home base. That structured and unique environment helps us accomplish what no other military is able to do. Outside of that environment there are more risks in every action. I want to encourage you to assess your environment this summer. Be okay with stepping back from tasks that are outside your range of ability. Set your own expectations of your abilities and avoid being pulled into risky situations that could prove to be disastrous.

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Summer Fit 

Summer offers many opportunities to have adventures; water sports, team sports, nature, and other adventures. As you partake in summer activities be mindful of situations that may be unfamiliar. Ask yourself if you are familiar with a particular sport or activity. You may also want to account for the time passed since your last attempt. As I mentioned before, declining a challenge can be difficult but it’s worth it when there is a potential for injury. Know your physical limits and stay within them. You have developed  many  great disciplines and abilities with your military training. With that said, it would be wise to avoid regarding your training as all encompassing. Remember, you do have to return to the home base as you left; “fit for duty.” No adventure is worth an injury that will affect your active duty status. Lets talk about some of the exercises you can do to stay conditioned for your summer adventures.

During the summer we use our body in a more functional manner. We walk more. We run more. We climb things. We jump. We hold on to things. These activities may be outside of your normal routine. Firstly, you want to get your body familiar with these activities on routine basis. Routine involvement with similar movements will help you transition into summer activities. Next, you want to stretch regularly.  Your muscles take time to adjust  to new activities. You will adapt quicker with muscles that are flexible and durable. Finally, you would want to increase your strength in the areas in which you will be most active. Avoid putting yourself in a position to strain muscles. With that said, assess your activities and prepare your body for your next adventure. Have a great time but keep in mind that you only have one body. It can be very strong or fragile under the right/wrong circumstances.

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Make a Plan

Summer offers many chances for excitement and adventure. We are thrilled with all of the possibilities to create lasting memories. There’s no question that we look forward to this special season after working hard all year. You should and this is all very possible with a plan. That plan requires us to account for many factors; travel, environment, ability, and time limits. Have a great summer. Be safe. Stay fit for the summer and fit for  duty.

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