Mission Muscle | BEACH BODY BLITZ : Get your body ready for Summer

In this month’s edition of Mission Muscle, veteran and guest fitness blogger Linton McClain talks about getting your body ready for summer.

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By Linton McClain
Personal Trainer, Superior Body Sculpting

Spring has finally arrived. The days are getting longer and becoming more pleasant. Have you adjusted to the time-change? You may catch your mind wondering to the beach enjoying the warmth of the sun. Winter has come to an end and the temperatures are beginning to warm. With that said, we are quickly reminded of our weight gain as we prepare to stow away our winter clothes for good. Unfortunately, what lies beneath doesn’t look too good. Nothing fits and who knows how long it’s going to take to make decent progress. No worries. The Military AutoSource is here to help with the Beach Body Blitz. The Beach Body Blitz will help you fit in your uniforms, stay fit, and get ready for your summer vacations. Stick with us over the next 12 weeks and you will love the results. As we know, nothing great happens without hard work. In the end, you will be happy with your 12- week blitz. To help you succeed with the 12-week blitz we are going to discuss Goals, Nutrition, and Fitness.


Goals can come in many forms; physical, performance, aesthetic, etc. In any case, we start by setting realistic and attainable goals. Your goals need to be associated with your current situation. Setting goals can be challenging for a number of reasons; time, injuries, or lack of education. In
the end, we want to be satisfied with the progress we make over a period of time. How many times have you actually been satisfied with your appearance and your performance? It goes without saying that we put a value on the way we look and perform. Knowing this, it is important
for us to have personal goals and professional goals. Inevitably, they go hand in hand to help drive us in the right direction. Have you been struggling with your weight? Are your uniforms fitting a little tighter? Are your energy levels dropping? We can make attainable goals by first accepting the need for improvement. We can get to work once you have decided your area of focus. What is most important to you right now? No matter the choice, your goal needs to be specific, have a deadline, and a purpose.

Specific Goals:

Lose inches in your waist. Lose weight. Improve your PFT Performance. Increase Your Tone.(Your goals have to be specific and measurable in order to achieve them.)

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Most people have struggled with food at some point in their lives. Maybe you consumed more calories than you burned? Maybe you limited your calories to lose weight? Maybe you couldn’t really find foods that satisfied your taste buds? The most important fact to know about food is that its purpose is to provide nutrients for the body. Without the proper nutrients your body cannot perform at it’s maximum efficiency. Consequently, being malnourished can lead to many health issues. It would be in your best interest to keep nutrition as a top priority if you are planning to manage a healthy diet. With nutrition as a priority you can control your habits of eating too much or too little. As expected, excess calories cause weight gain. While a calorie deficiency will interrupt the normal functions of the body. Eat to fuel your body for the day’s activity. Learn more about your food by researching, visiting a farmers market, or taking a cooking class. You will be happy you did. Becoming more knowledgeable about your food
choices and nutrient needs will help you make better choices in the home, home base, and the mess hall.

Nutrition Tips:

Avoid sugars, processed foods, saturated fats, eat earlier, and eat enough for your day. (Focus on how your body functions when you eat certain foods instead of the quantity.)

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Like nutrition, exercise should increase your performance. Avoid exercising too little or too much. Exercise should help you improve your quality of life. Often, an individual will engage in exercise programs outside of their range of conditioning. Have you found yourself in the gym taking on an exercise challenge that hurts your body and pushes you to your limits. These “no pain no gain” approaches often lead to overexertion and/or injury. Military fitness can range from basic conditioning to highly advanced conditioning. Your conditioning requirements depend on your job requirements. In most cases, your job requirements will have a high priority in your life. There are certainly other factors to consider. Will you be stationed abroad or at home over the coming months? Where you are stationed impacts your ability to train and condition your body. Your location should always be a consideration when making fitness goals. What fitness goals will you make? Are you going to strive for excellence in your PFT or your deployment performance? Make your goal this spring and strive for excellence.

Exercise Program:

15 miles per week, 300 Pushups Per Week, 300 Sit-ups Per Week
(Space out the miles, pushups, and sit-ups until you can do more in one session)

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The Beach Body Blitz will help you focus your time and energy over the next 12 weeks. Distractions will come and go but your consistency must remain steady. How long will it be until you deploy or return from deployment? Give yourself a three-month window to work your plan on a consistent basis. Start by making a specific goal that fits the demands of your current lifestyle. Next, you need to feed your body the proper nutrients by developing healthier eating habits. Finally, you want to develop an exercise program that improves or maintains your current level of fitness. Follow these three steps and you will get the body and conditioning you are looking for.

As always, feel free to contact me at sbsculptme@gmail.com if you have any questions. Thank you for your service to our country. Get home safely.

For more information on health and wellness visit www.sbsculptme.com.

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