2018 Mercedes-Benz CLA 4-Door Coupe

2018 Mercedes-Benz CLA 4-Door Coupe


With its sleek and distinguishable contoured shape, the 2018 CLA 4-Door Coupe is the perfect example of what luxury should look like, and with an affordable price tag. Coming equipped with LED taillights and a unique diamond-block grille, there is no other car in the marketplace with this type of modernized style. The CLA features a unique profile that was developed with more than its appearance in mind. It’s design has made the CLA into one of the most aerodynamic cars on the road. The CLA has been wind-tunnel-tuned, to enhance not just efficiency, but road-holding, stability, and even poor-weather visibility.

The advantage of the CLA is how it conveys the luxury leadership and constant innovation that earn the Star in its grille. From its winglike dash, big yet sleek 8-inch screen and high-back power front sport seats, the cockpit of the CLA is one like a Boeing 747, you are ready to tackle any adventure as soon as you step foot inside its spacious fuselage. The CLA cabin sets you apart from the crowd. And ahead of it, too.

Mercedes-Benz CLA cockpit, Mercedes-Benz CLA cabin

The CLA 250 AMG Line: Like every Mercedes-Benz ever built, racing is always in its blood. The AMG line offers a direct connection between driver and car, almost the same way the body and mind work together. The CLA 250 AMG line will increase the rate in which your heart beats in direct correlation with how far you press your foot to the floor.  To give you an even more in-depth connection to the CLA 250 AMG line, the cockpit embraces you in exclusively sporty fitments with smoking red-hot detail.



With life comes a heartbeat, with the CLA comes a heartbeat with epic proportions. Beneath the twin power domes of the CLA 250 hood beats a powerful heart. A 208-hp turbo inline-4 turns less fuel into more torque with advanced Direct Injection and rapid-multispark ignition. To save you fuel, the CLA will automatically pause its engine at red lights, with ECO start/stop.

The 7-speed DCT transmission allows for automatic control with the flexibility of a fuel-friendly manual. This gives you an opportunity to choose how you want to drive depending on what mood you are in. The shift paddles on the steering wheel put power in your hands. The racing-derived dual-clutch design makes every shift lightning-quick yet liquid-smooth. DYNAMIC SELECT offers different modes for your driving mood.

Torque turns into traction and traction turns into action. With 4MATIC® all-wheel drive the CLA 250 can be taken to new heights and different levels of performance, agility, and year round driving confidence. As the grip changes at each wheel, 4MATIC can instantly and variably send up to 50 percent of the engine’s power output to the rear wheels, on demand.

The AMG CLA 45: With its own handcrafted engine which exhausts 375 hp and 26.1 psi of maximum turbo boost, this is the most powerful 4-cylinder engine out there. It holds the road with torque-vectoring AMG Performance 4MATIC®, 18-inch AMG® wheels, and an available 2-stage adaptive suspension. And with a 4.1-second 0-60 time, it holds its own in any crowd.

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In a world where technology reins supreme, why not expect the automotive industry to follow in-line. With the world as your playground, you might as well have your CLA cabin as one too. From a standard 8-inch color touch screen, Bluetooth® wireless audio streaming and HD Radio™ stations to the available COMAND® navigation, the CLA can make getting anywhere easier and going there more fun. You wont miss a beat with available options such as LOGIC7® surround sound, plus Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto.

plus Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto

Mercedes-Benz wants to keep you, your car and the world connected. With Mercedes Me, you now have the power to be in control even away from your Mercedes-Benz. Its smartphone app puts convenient controls like Remote Start in your pocket. It also puts useful apps in your car, like HERE™ Local Search. And you can even choose streaming audio, 4G LTE WiFi and more. Five years of mbrace® Connect features and services are standard.

Mercedes Me

The most important technology featured is the power to keep you safe when driving your Mercedes-Benz.  Mercedes-Benz developed a Standard Active Brake Assist which uses radar to help you avoid some frontal collisions, and can even initiate breaking.  However, that is not all Mercedes-Benz has developed to assist with keeping you safe.  ATTENTION ASSIST® can help sense a drowsy driver.  There are also available Blind Spot and Lane Keeping Assists to help make highway driving easier and safer. There is also an optional Distance Pilot DISTRONIC® cruise control which can slow, stop and go with the flow.

Standard Active Brake Assist

CLA Models

CLA 250 Coupe

Acceleration 6.9 sec 0 - 60 mph , Horsepower 208 hp. Torque 258 lb-ft

CLA 250 Coupe

CLA 250 4MATIC Coupe

Acceleration 6.8 sec 0 - 60 mph , Horsepower 208 hp. Torque 258 lb-ft

CLA 250 4MATIC Coupe

AMG CLA 45 Coupe Acceleration 4.1 sec 0 - 60 mph , Horsepower 375 hp. Torque 350 lb-ft

AMG CLA 45 Coupe

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