Modern Legends Tour – Fall 2018

Modern Legends Tour

Some say legends are made, not born.

The debate goes on, but we think it takes a bit of both. As leading automotive brands, Ford, Dodge and Jeep are always striving to innovate and create new American icons built on legacies that endure and continue to impress.

This fall Military AutoSource is touring select bases in Germany with our modern legends lineup including the Ford Mustang Bullitt, Ford Raptor, Dodge Charger R/T, Durango GT and the all-new Jeep Cherokee.

We invite you to stop by our on base locations to explore this legendary lineup and create your own timeless journey.

Join us on:
September 12th – 20th in Grafenwöhr
September 22nd – 30th in Vilseck
October 2nd – 7th in Hohenfels
October 9th – 15th in Ansbach
October 17th – 24th in Boeblingen
October 26th – November 4th in Wiesbaden
November 6th – 13th in Spangdahlem
November 15th – 20th in Baumholder
November 22nd – 30th in Ramstein

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