The 2019 Toyota Military Buyer’s Guide Now Available

Toyota Automobiles: Legendary Reliability and Longevity

Toyota was introduced to the United States in 1958 when the company rented out a vacant auto dealership in Hollywood, California. They only sold 258 vehicles in the United States that year, but American consumers quickly began to take note of the brand’s game-changing reliability. Today, Toyota automobiles continue to maintain extremely high reliability and longevity standards, packaged in formats consumers love. Military AutoSource is pleased to offer Toyota vehicles to active US Military, available for European delivery.

Military AutoSource Toyota Buyer's Guide RAV 4
Download the 2019 Toyota Military Buyer’s Guide

Since 1960, Military AutoSource, also known as MAS to many of our customers, has been serving our overseas U.S. armed forces. As the exclusive military distributor and retailer for leading automotive and motorsport manufacturers, we understand the unique needs and demands of military life. We also provide the U.S. Military community with direct access to a wide range of makes and models through out factory-direct military program.

Learn more about the latest Toyota models from Military AutoSource and download the 2019 Toyota Military Buyer’s Guide. Compare various models and equipment, browse vehicle specs, and explore color options to find the vehicle that is right for you!

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