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Powerful Stories that Tug on Your Heart

Military AutoSource (MAS) received nearly 500 entries in our 6th annual Operation Homeward Bound Contest in partnership with Ford.

After much discussion and debate, the selection committee was able to narrow down our winners to three finalists – each receiving a Delta gift card.

The winner’s entries were compelling and powerful. As part of the military community, we know most of you can relate to being away from home, missing important events and quality time with friends and family.

2024 Operation Homeward Bound Winners

You’re All Winners

Military AutoSource has been serving the U.S. Military for over 60 years. And the military community is the heart of our business.

Operation Homeward Bound is just one of the ways we want to let you know, we support you.  We take great pride in announcing our winners.

3rd Prize Winner Operation Homeward Bound
Pictured left to right: Exchange Representative, Louis Ly (3rd prize winner), Hakan Cayci (MAS Sales Representative)

Meet Our Third Prize Winner

Our third-prize winner received a $1,000 Delta gift card. Senior Airman Louis Ly is with the Air Force based in Incirlik, Turkey.

Senior Airman Ly purchased a ticket home to see his wife and parents. Unfortunately, a natural disaster occurred preventing him from boarding the flight.

He is ecstatic to be able to fly home and surprise his family and is looking forward to the much-needed break from work.

It is our pleasure to give this service member an unforgettable opportunity.

2nd Prize Winner Operation Homeward Bound
Pictured left to right: Dakota Harlow (2nd prize winner), Mark Austin (MAS Regional Sales Manager)

Meet Our Second Prize Winner

The winner of a $1,500 Delta gift card is Dakota Harlow, Second Class Petty Officer based at the Naval Base in Okinawa, Japan.

Sailor Harlow was nominated for this contest by his Chief, Love Asia Van. She explained how Sailor Harlow received orders to Okinawa after doing 5 years onboard a US Navy Ship known as the “COVID Deployment” by many.

After 357 days, he was notified his family was not approved for dependent entry. With financial strain and unable to see his family, Sailor Harlow can now fly home and be with his lovely wife and four beautiful children.

We are honored Chief Van shared Sailor Harlow’s story and glad we could help in some small way.

Grand Prize Winner Operation Homeward Bound
Pictured left to right: Philip Daniels, (MAS Sales Representative), daughters of Dorian Lewis, Mrs. Lewis, Dorian Lewis (grand prize winner), Teresea Sanford (MAS Personnel Manager)

Introducing Our GRAND PRIZE Winner!

Our grand prize winner, taking home a $2,500 Delta gift card is Master Sergeant Dorian Lewis of the U.S. Air Force. Sergeant Lewis is currently based at Ramstein Air Base in Germany.

Sergeant Lewis recently lost his mother-in-law. Along with this sudden passing of a family member, a baby will be soon entering the world. So, while they face this loss together, they find comfort in the birth of his niece.

With the prize, the family has plans to fly home to the US and spread his mother-in-law’s ashes in a beautiful and memorable ceremony at her favorite spot, overlooking a pier. While sad, they are looking forward to honoring her at a special place that meant so much to her and celebrating her life with his newest niece.

We are humbled to be able to send Sergeant Lewis and his family home to heal and celebrate life.

A Message from Military AutoSource and Ford

Some of the entries are about celebrations and exciting events like the birth of a baby, while others are about the harsh realities of losing a family member or experiencing the most difficult battles of their life.

For some winning is an exciting time and a cause for celebration. And for others, it’s just a small show of support and difficult to find cause for celebration.

We read every entry that comes in and sometimes find ourselves in tears during the selection process.

As we always say, the military community is the heart of our business. And for every single person who submitted an entry, we thank you.

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