Celebrate Valentine’s Day During Deployment

Valentine's Day for U.S. Military Spouses

Whether Valentine’s Day is your favorite day of the year or a holiday that makes you want to roll your eyes, everyone deserves to feel loved and appreciated.

This day can be especially hard for couples separated by distance, including those in the military. Unfortunately for many military couples, being separated for weeks or months is not unusual. So, when February 14th rolls around, and you’re an ocean apart, what do you do?

Here are the top ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, even when you are apart.

Send a Personalized Care Package

Everyone loves receiving mail. And who wouldn’t want a box full of their favorite things?

You can completely customize a care package for your partner. Try including a handwritten letter, gifts, or other meaningful items. Decorate the box with red and pink stickers, and cheesy notes.

Care packages may seem silly or even over-the-top. But knowing you made your significant other feel special from far away makes all the difference!

Use Technology

Gone are the days of cross-continental letter writing. While letters can still be pretty romantic, there is so much technology available.

Use Skype, Zoom or even voice notes on your phone to express how you feel to your partner.

Hearing a loved one’s voice or seeing their face makes a big difference when you’re missing them.

Plan Something Together While Apart

Plan a time to watch a movie together, separately. Or schedule a time to eat dinner over video chat. Whatever it is, do something at the same time.

You may be separated by miles, but this allows you to feel connected.

It’s hard to ignore the distance, but spending time with your loved one can make you feel like they’re almost in the same room as you. Even if it is through a screen right now.

Celebrate With Friends

It’s no fun when your significant other is far away. But did you know February 13th is Galentine’s day?

Grab a few of your friends and plan a party or hit the town. Stay in and cook dinner or have a movie marathon.

Valentine’s Day is about showing love. So, if you’re feeling lonely on or around Valentine’s Day because of a long-distance relationship, embrace the love and support of your friends.

Celebrate With Your Kids

If you have kids and are apart from your significant other, they’re likely missing them too.

Show your kids some extra love by celebrating Valentine’s Day with them. Make cards or posters or crafts. Bake yummy treats. Color or draw things you love. All that matters is sharing what you love about each other.

Show Love to Others

Valentine’s Day is about showing love to others. Use it as a day to show love to your community. Volunteer your time. Celebrate a friend. Pay it forward in the drive-through line.

You can still celebrate Valentine’s Day by showing love to others while missing your significant other.

Embrace the Pity Party

Another option for couples celebrating Valentine’s Day apart? Don’t celebrate at all. Do nothing. Ignore the day. Stay home. You can agree to skip the day altogether and it’s just fine. Bake cookies. Grab a carton of ice cream. Turn on cheesy movies. Embrace the pity party.

Just make sure you don’t stay in that headspace for too long!

Lean into the Cheese Factor

Just because you’re separated doesn’t mean you can’t make your significant other laugh or smile. Get creative. Go all out. It doesn’t matter how put together or serious the show of affection is, what matters is that your person knows how much you care about them!

Photo Credit: Navy Chief Petty Officer Joshua Karsten

Go All Out…When You’re Together Again

Who says Valentine’s Day has to be only on February 14th? Change it up! Plan a day your significant other is home and go all out.

It could be November, March, or June. It doesn’t matter! Pick a day when you’re no longer apart and celebrate Valentine’s Day on your terms.

Happy Valentine’s Day wherever you are. Near or far. From your friends at Military AutoSource.

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