PCS Moves: An Army Insider’s Guide to PCS Moves

Author: Jeremy Flint, Former Infantry Officer, Former Captain U.S. Army


Lost luggage. Broken furniture. Waiting weeks to get paid. Sound familiar? These are only some of what pops into most minds when you hear “PCS,” but it doesn’t have to be.

Receiving Permanent Change of Station Orders

Getting your PCS orders can mean a time of anxiety, frustration, and confusion – believe me, I know. Over a ten-year stint in the Army, I PCS’d five times. And those PCS moves encompassed every possible stage of life and circumstance.

My PCS Circumstances

  • Single and married
  • The final one was even with a six-month-old!
  • Overseas and stateside
  • Driving and flying
  • Pets and no pets

So yes, I’ve experienced it all… and here is what I learned and wish I knew about the PCS process when I entered the service.

stressfree pcs

Start Early in the PCS Move Process

Running around your installation to find and collect signatures from every agency you’ve ever heard of isn’t fun. It’s even worse when you’re not ready to leave – I dragged my feet through every step when I had to leave Germany. But the sooner you start, the better and, if nothing else will get you out of going to the field (remember, you can usually turn in CIF up to 30 days before leaving!)

Military Move PCS
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PCS Move Bumps in the Road

Hiccups and problems are unavoidable, and you’ll quickly find that many of the signatures you’ll need are in obscure offices that only sign clearing papers on the third Monday of each month from 1130-1155.

An exaggeration, maybe, but if you’re like me, you’ll find yourself going to the same office days in a row to collect a stamp from offices of the post you’ve never even heard of, let alone made use of.

Family Military Move

Declutter and downsize. There are two schools of thought on this – when you’re moving barracks, apartments, or homes, some say you should toss or sell unwanted stuff before the movers load it up, and others say that it’s better to do so on the far end of the move after everything is unloaded.

Moving as a military spouse

Now or Later

Doing this now or later is up for debate. But for us, it’s clear. We got it done ahead of time, so we only took what we’d be using. Otherwise, it’s got to go.

For my family and me, we did all organizing and decluttering up front—before the big move.

Before the Big PCS Move

PCS Orders
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You’ll incur some expenses on the move; it’s inevitable. Yes, your travel card will get paid off, and you will get a dislocation allowance. But these take days, weeks, or months to deposit.

Army insider how to PCS

Pre-PCS Move: Make Some Money

If you’re getting rid of junk anyway, you may as well turn it into a pre-PCS yard sale, or list on Facebook Marketplace, Bookoo, and Craigslist – all are great options to flip stuff you were going to toss and fund your journey or make it so you can afford to enjoy the sights along the way.

You probably know the recycling and bulk trash points are in your current area. When you get to your new home, you won’t have to be concerned with discarding these things. Plus, there will be less to unpack and sort though. Better to get rid of it before the big move.

Best way to PCS

Inventory and Catalog

Moving day will come, and it will be long. After a while, all the paperwork will blend, and you’ll want it to be over, so you might start signing off on everything that crosses your path. Don’t.

Before the movers come, you should do a video walkthrough of the house, pointing out furniture and expensive items to show that they’re in working condition pre-move.

Military PCS Resource
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The Nitty Gritty

Also, be sure to get serial numbers and other identifying marks or articles on video.

When the movers arrive, ensure that every little thing they pack goes on their packing list/manifest.

If, ahem we mean when, items arrive broken or missing, this will make your life way easier when filing a claim. And most importantly, ensure that any genuinely irreplaceable items like jewelry or photos are taken with you instead of being packed.

Orders to PCS
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Dig Into the PCS Move Regulations

Yes, it’s as unappealing as it sounds. The Joint Travel Regulation (JTR), which governs all military PCS moves, is full of tidbits you might not know to take advantage of otherwise.

Tips on PCSing

Here are two of my favorites:

  • Reimbursement for hotels and meals at both the losing and gaining station – even if you don’t need a hotel, it is nice to have options and a great way to start racking up hotel member points. (JTR 050601).
  • You can get a ton of stuff for a PPM or partial PPM reimbursed – including oil changes, packing supplies like boxes and tape, and ratchet straps.

Now, before you start buying everything in sight, check with your post-transition office to see what qualifies as, for example, boxes.

I can attest that during at least one PCS, I bought several brand-new, super-strength tough boxes as moving supplies and was reimbursed when I got to my new home in Texas.

PCS buying a car

PCS Moves and Overseas Cars

As a reminder, overseas PCS moves and the rules, laws, and regulations vary wildly by country. In this case, I’m referring to my experience in Germany.

If you’re headed overseas, it probably isn’t in your best interest to bring your car over. Then, wait a little while and consider buying a vehicle with Military AutoSource – I promise this is not a shameless plug.

Military Car Financing

Ready to Start a New Adventure in a New Car

MAS sells new US-spec cars to service members overseas and makes them affordable and easy to manage. Or if you have a used car overseas, and headed stateside, you can sell it to a third party or again to Military AutoSource. Use your overseas military benefits and order a new car and have it delivered at your overseas duty location or stateside where and when you need it.

Military buying a car overseas

Here’s my experience and how I handled the overseas car dilemma:

“I arrived in Germany, having sold my 2001 Civic at Fort Benning before leaving – remember my initial advice which is to downsize on the near side!

I bought a mint 1991 BMW 320I and drove it into the ground over the next year. Unfortunately, winter struck – and I, a Florida boy, was not equipped to operate in the snow, especially in a car like that.

So, my post’s Military AutoSource office helped me buy a 2010 Jeep Wrangler, which saved me more than a few times over the next three winters.

When it was time to come back to CONUS, Military AutoSource helped me gather all the crazy environmental and customs paperwork needed and made that a breeze. And, when I arrived and registered my Jeep in the states, I only had to pay tax on the current value of the vehicle!

I ended up saving thousands by doing that alone.”.

What to know before you PCS

The Stress of PCS Moves

Yes, PCS moves are stressful. But they are also the first step on the literal and metaphorical road to a new life, new friends, and new experiences.

You’ll get the hang of it by the time you retire and have moved six or seven times, but if you’re new to the process, I can’t encourage you strongly enough to follow the steps I’ve outlined here.



Author Jeremy Flint is a former Infantry Officer and Former Captain in the U.S. Army. He currently works for the Department of Veteran Affairs and is a freelance writer. And interestingly enough, we learned Jeremy used his military car buying benefits while overseas and purchased a Jeep from Military AutoSource in 2015.



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