Get Your Ducks in a Row

Author: Kailyn Rhinehart, Air Force Spouse

Duck, duck, Jeep? People enjoy being a part of something, a group, a club, an effort towards the greater good in the world. But what if Jeeps and yellow rubber ducks were a part of something together? And what if it made service members smile?

You may have noticed yellow ducky’s on the dashboard of Jeeps around town. Or maybe you’ve been “ducked.”

Yellow rubber ducks are part of a little inside joke or game among ‘Jeepers’ called Jeep Ducking. The yellow rubber ducks left on Jeep owners’ vehicles serve one purpose – making people smile!

Photo Credit: MAS Customer Civilian contractor, William Darwin and his wife Troy

The Jeep Military Community Gets Ducky

For many years, Jeep owners have seemed to be part of their own club. They are a community of familiar strangers who share one thing, pride in their vehicles.

The Jeep Wave– the friendly hello between passing jeep owners, affirms this sense of community. The Jeep Wave confirms the camaraderie of Jeep owners everywhere. Whether you’re passing a Jeep drive in California or Canada, if you own a Jeep, you know to raise your hand and smile. Further proving people sure love being a part of something bigger than themselves.

But how did the Jeep community get from the Jeep Wave to Jeep Ducking?

Photo Credit: Cooper’s Ranch

The Origins of Jeep Ducking

In 2020, Jeep owner and Canadian resident Allison Parliament unintentionally started the Jeep Ducking craze. As a prank, she bought a bag of rubber ducks and hid them around a friend’s home. But before doing so, Parliament placed one duck on the Jeep of a stranger in a parking lot. With only the hope of brightening someone else’s day, she left a short and sweet note reading, “Nice Jeep!”

Since then, a simple gesture that started in a small town has spread like wildfire across the globe. Today, Jeep owners everywhere can take part in this game. The hilarious inside joke has grown from a random act of kindness to a full-fledged happiness movement.

Jeep Ducks Rule

Jeep Ducking has one goal: putting a smile on someone else’s face. Much like its intentions, the rules of Jeep Ducking are simple. All you have to do is leave a rubber duck on another Jeep to surprise (and delight!) its owner.

Be creative. Most Jeep owners prefer to keep it small. Most opt for the traditional two-inch rubber duck. Some choose to match the color of the duck to the color of the Jeep. Some choose sillier ducks wearing hats, costumes, or other accessories. Look for pre-printed notes online or make your own. Re-gift ducks given to you or buy your own.

The Official Unofficial Rules

There truly are no rules to Jeep Ducking! So where does one place the duck? That choice is yours. Place it on the front of the windshield or the door handle. Just be sure to put it where the service member will immediately see it.

Photo Credit: Lauren Brewer Instagram

You’ve Been Ducked!

Have you found a little yellow duck on your windshield? Hopefully, it made you smile. Now you too can go spread kindness by participating in Jeep Ducking for all the service members in your community.

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