You remain our priority: A COVID-19 update

Responsible and reliable.

Buying a vehicle is a major purchase even in normal times. The team at Military AutoSource wants you to know that our commitment to our employees and partners continues to be unwavering, and we do all we can to ensure the safety and health of our team and those we serve. This means we’ve taken the necessary steps at our base locations worldwide to adhere to the local recommendations and requirements.

Our commitment also means that despite the challenges, we are always ready to work with you to navigate any required changes in your order and delivery process, despite Covid-19.

Plans change. We understand.

At a time like this your everyday program protections become that much more important.

  • Delayed Delivery Protection – If you will be delayed and unable to pick up your vehicle as planned, either overseas or stateside, we’ll take care of it. We’ll work to either hold your vehicle in place or have it re-routed if needed. Your personal Delivery Coordinator and on location Program Representative will communicate with you all along the way.
  • Price Protection – If your change in plans requires you to place a new order with a delivery date several months out, you will be protected against any price increases between the time of order and delivery. And if offers and incentives improve, you’re eligible for those as well.

So, if you’re an existing customer and have questions or concerns please reach out and let us know. Or if you’re considering placing an order we’re here to help you move forward. We understand with so many unknowns planning can be difficult, but in many ways this program is designed to navigate uncertainties and we will always do all we can.

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