The Vehicle Microchip Shortage Explained

When will the chip shortage end

As the global microchip shortage has entered its second year, experts are trying to pinpoint the precise date it will finally end. For some industries, it will resolve in the latter half of 2022. But for car manufacturers, it could take upwards of another year or perhaps two for chip production to meet current demand.  

Vehicle Microchip Shortage

Collateral damage of the pandemic

In March 2020, the US went into complete lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And just like that, millions of people were not leaving their homes and started working remotely. This caused car sales to plummet and forced car manufacturers to cancel orders for chip components overseas.  

Vehicle Shortage in the USPhoto Credit: Car & Driver 

At the same time, there was a spike in demand for electronic consumer products requiring microchips such as smartphones, computers, and gaming consoles. Once the demand for vehicles started to increase, semiconductor suppliers had a 3–6-month backlog on chip orders. 

The supply chain could no longer meet the demands of the market. Add the worldwide labor shortage, and the strain already placed on the supply chain from top to bottom, and we’ve found ourselves in a perfect storm seeming to wreak havoc on the auto industry. 

IntelPhoto Credit: Intel Media

When will the vehicle chip shortage end?

Most recently, Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel, one of the world’s largest chip producers, said he expects the shortage of semiconductors to drag on until 2024. 

Vehicle Production in the US

Why not just make more vehicle microchips?

If only it were as easy as just speeding up production, this issue could be put to rest. The manufacturing of semiconductor chips is extremely complex, expensive, and time-consuming.  

As a result, it takes about 12 weeks to manufacture the average chip—complex chips up to 20 weeks. Add in ramp-up time and delivery and it takes about six months from order to receiving and that’s just for the chip – we haven’t factored in the supply chain issues and labor shortages impacting the manufacturing plants.  

Order a vehicle before you PCS

Feeling the pinch for PCS 

The bottom line is the demand for chips and the lack of supply means fewer vehicles available. 

A shortage of inventory means new cars are not only hard to find – but they’re also selling above the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). In fact, many car buyers are paying thousands of dollars over MSRP. This has left many car shoppers turning to the used car market, where higher prices have also abounded.  

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Microchips impact on vehicles

What is the impact of then vehicle microchip shortages?

Though the global supply chain has started to stabilize, the automotive industry still feels the pain. A 2021 report from the US Department of Commerce noted that manufacturers only held a 5-day inventory of microchips, which is much less than the 40-day inventory held in 2019.  

Car manufacturers lost a worldwide production of 10 million vehicles and more than $200 billion in sales due to the chip shortage. New car showrooms on dealer lots are empty. Fewer vehicles are available for purchase and new car prices went up 15% in one year alone.  

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Lack of Microchips

How some carmakers are keeping production moving  

In order to ramp up production during the chip shortage, car manufacturers are getting creative. Some brands have decided to limit production on certain infotainment and high-tech features requiring microchips. The features removed include automatic stop/start, touchscreen functionality, climate controls, HD radio, and park-assist systems.  

Overseas Military Car Buying

Weathering the storm

Though we cannot make a definitive prediction on when the global chip shortage will end, we can pave the way for our military customers.  

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