U.S. Air Force Gears up to Commemorate its 75th Anniversary

U.S. Air Force Flies High All September Long

Photo Credit: AF.mil

From hot-air balloon reconnaissance in the American Civil War to Predator drone strikes in the Global War on Terror – the United States Air Force’s impact and influence on our country cannot be overstated.

And on 18 September, it’s their 75th birthday.

History of the Air Force

Photo Credit: AF.mil 

The Origin of the United States Air Force  

Even though the US Air Force’s ancestors have been here since the beginning, the military branch as we know it today, was officially formed on 18 September 1947, under President Truman’s National Security Act of the same year. Before this, what we know as today’s Air Force was the Aeronautical Division of the US Army’s Signal Corps. 

Department of the Air Force

Photo Credit: AF.mil 

To commemorate the historic occasion, the Air Force dedicated the entire year to a branch-wide celebration titled Innovate, Accelerate, Thrive – The Air Force at 75. Not only is the dedication a catchy rhyme, but it highlights the service’s longevity, dedication to service, and eternal emphasis on remaining at the forefront of military technology and applications. But the Air Force is more than just the technology that fills its hangars.  

Military Pilot

The Strength of the Air Force

The backbone of any service branch is its people, and the Air Force has some of the best. The Air Force has always been a brain trust amongst the branches, and they’ve continually demonstrated the innovation of their Airmen and women throughout every conflict, campaign, and peacetime mission. 

The service’s Air members set themselves apart with their bravery and dedication in every war, from aerial dog fights in World War II to high-risk exfiltration operations in the jungles of Vietnam. That legacy continues today, as the Air Force not only remains adaptive and innovative when developing global air dominance strategy but also fills the ranks of the nascent Space Force to continue America’s legacy of global security as the background of geopolitics changes.  

In addition to the thousands of pilots, who are usually what we think of when we hear “Air Force,” we would be remiss not to mention the sacrifices of the rest of the service. With 300,000 active Airmen, only 20,000 are pilots – the rest help to plan, support, strategize, develop, and innovate to secure the US Air Force’s continued air superiority, and the 75th birthday is just as much a celebration of each Airman as it is for the service as a whole. 

U.S. Air Force Celebration

Courage and Commitment to Duty 

Even though 18 September isn’t a national holiday like Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day, take some time to remember the sacrifices, bravery, and dedication to service beyond the self that every Airman, past and present, embodied. We wouldn’t be here today without their courage and commitment to duty, and we owe the Air Force and its Airman a debt of gratitude – not only on 18 September, but every day.  

Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the U.S. Air Force

Supporting the Air Force During their Birthday Month

Try exploring local veterans’ support organizations like the Air Force Sergeant’s Association, Wounded Warrior Foundation, or Veterans of Foreign Wars (also known as the VFW).

See if they need any volunteer help or donations or stop by their next meeting – you’ll likely walk away with a remarkable story about the Air Force’s historical legacy and help to continue the path between the past and present of the Air Force and America.

The team at Military AutoSource is proud to show its support for this exceptional group of people throughout the month of September and all year long.

Happy 75th Birthday to the United States Air Force


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