‘Wards 10 Best UX’ includes Audi, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Infiniti, and Mercedes-Benz

Source: WardsAuto.com

Wards 10 Best User Experiences evaluates the user-friendliness of a vehicle’s tech and safety systems.

WardsAuto recently announced the winners of their 2016 Wards 10 Best UX competition, and six Military AutoSource manufacturers made the list: Audi, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Infiniti, and Mercedes-Benz.

The User Experience competition is a spin-off of Wards 10 Best Interiors, which judges a vehicle’s interior on a more broad spectrum, looking at aesthetic, ergonomic and design aspects. The 10 Best UX list looks at a vehicle’s touchscreens, navigation systems, infotainment, voice controls and  smartphone connection efficiency.

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Drew Winter, WardsAuto Senior Content Director, said that judges are “trying to quantify how easy it is overall to interact with a vehicle.” They are checking to see if the controls are easy to understand and work as they are designed to. They also check that driver-assistance systems, such as adaptive cruise control and lane warnings, are reliable.

After two months of evaluating 29 all-new or redesigned light vehicles available in the United States, the WardsAuto editors selected their top 10 choices. Among that list are the Audi Q7, Chrysler Pacifica, Ford Escape, Honda Ridgeline, Infiniti Q50, and Mercedes E-Class.

Visit WardsAuto.com to read what made these six vehicles stand out, earning them a spot on the list. To learn about your privileged military pricing on Audi, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Infiniti, and Mercedes-Benz, visit www.militaryautosource.com

Image Source: WardsAuto.com

Use your Mercedes-Benz COMAND navigation in Europe and the U.S.


Mercedes-Benz COMAND® offers a fully functional navigation system in Europe, plus a free U.S. map conversion when you return home.

Military AutoSource customers in Europe who order their Mercedes-Benz with COMAND® can enjoy the perks of navigation both overseas and stateside. When the Mercedes-Benz is delivered locally in Europe it will be programmed with a fully functional European navigation system. When the customer later returns home to the United States with their vehicle, Military AutoSource will provide a complimentary U.S. map conversion.

A navigation system is a valuable commodity for service members stationed overseas in unfamiliar countries. The ability to later switch to a U.S. navigation at no cost adds even more value. The COMAND® offers a variety of useful display features for its maps and guidance. These features include route guidance, full screen viewing, voice control, and points of interest.

Watch and see what features come with the COMAND® navigation system.

To learn more about ordering your Mercedes-Benz with COMAND® navigation, contact your local Military AutoSource Mercedes-Benz location.

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Military AutoSource will multiply your deposit on top of existing discounts and rebates

Green Tag Sale

Military AutoSource is multiplying your deposit on top selling models* in addition to our already great military discounts!

During the Green Tag Sale, going on now at all on-base locations, Military AutoSource will multiply your deposit three times on new orders of Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram vehicles. These savings are in addition to current offers and everyday military discounts and rebates.

Maximum match rates do apply and vary by model. For a military price quote, customers can visit a Military AutoSource location on their nearest base, or request a quote online at www.militaryautosource.com. Immediate delivery is available in Europe, Korea, and Guam. Customers can also choose to take delivery in the United States after they return from their assignment.

Buying a car through the Military AutoSource program gives military members added protections and benefits. Exclusive benefits include worldwide warranty coverage, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a Lowest Price Guarantee when taking delivery in the United States.

Search Our Local Ford Inventory 

Search Our Local Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram Inventory

*New orders only. Available on select models. Amount varies by model with a maximum match of $1,200 in addition to our current offers. Minimum deposit requirements still apply. Speak to your Sales Representative to calculate your match amount. All programs and guarantees are subject to terms and conditions. Visit www.militaryautosource.com or see your Sales Representative for complete details. Overseas Military Sales Corporation is an authorized contractor of the Exchange and NEXCOM. Military AutoSource is an authorized distributor to sell and distribute Ford and Chrysler vehicles. This advertisement does not express or imply endorsement by the Exchange, NEXCOM, DOD components, or the Federal Government and is not sponsored by them.

Military AutoSource launches annual Harley-Davidson giveaway for service members in the Middle East.

harley-davidson giveaway

Military members stationed in the Middle East can enter the Thanksgiving Day Bike Giveaway running now through November 20, 2016 for their chance to win a 2017 Harley-Davidson Iron 883.

From now until November 20, 2016, U.S. military members stationed or deployed in the Middle East region can enter the Military AutoSource Thanksgiving Day Bike Giveaway. The winner of the giveaway will receive a brand-new 2017 Harley-Davidson Iron 883. Eligible military members can enter for their chance to win by visiting www.militaryautosource.com/Iron883.

The winner of the Thanksgiving Day Bike Giveaway will be announced at the final event held on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2016 at Camp Buehring in Kuwait. Event attendees will enjoy a day of activities hosted by Military AutoSource, Base Command, AAFES, and the USO. The final drawing will take place that evening at 1900 hours outside of the PX.

Military AutoSource (MAS) is the overseas on-base distributor of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Founded by veterans, the company believes it is their responsibility to always give back to the community. One way Military AutoSource fulfills this responsibility is by hosting several bike and vehicle giveaways throughout the year. Recently MAS held the St. Patrick’s Day Harley-Davidson Giveaway which ended in March, giving away a 2016 Harley-Davidson Street 750.

To qualify for a chance to win, you must be a member of the U.S. Military or civilian component (DOD or government contractor) on active duty, or member of the diplomatic community. For full details about the Thanksgiving Day Bike Giveaway and official giveaway rules, visit www.militaryautosource.com/Iron883

About Military AutoSource

Military AutoSource (MAS) is a subsidiary of the Overseas Military Sales Corporation (OMSC). For over 50 years, Military AutoSource has been serving the military community by providing U.S. specification automobiles to active duty military, civilian, DOD employees and the diplomatic community stationed outside the United States. The on-base division of Military AutoSource, formerly known as Exchange New Car Sales, is authorized by the AAFES/NEXCOM program. You can learn more about Military AutoSource at http://www.militaryautosource.com.

Coming soon: The 4-Door Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe

Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe

The new Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe is rugged yet refined. Sleek yet strong.

Mercedes-Benz reshaped the roof of its new GLC model, creating the newest four-door GLC Coupe. Combining the sleek smooth lines of a coupe design with the powerful presence of an SUV, the GLC Coupe will be going from concept to reality in the upcoming months.

The coupe design still allows for decent trunk storage, and it sports a similar amount of legroom and headroom to its non-coupe counterpart. The infotainment system is the same that can be found in the GLC and the C-Class. It features a 7-inch screen that is controlled by the selector on the center console.

The GLC Coupe has a 2.0L turbo-4 (241 hp, 273 lb-ft) engine, the same as the regular GLC model. The GLC was engineered with an exhaust note that comes alive around 4,000 rpm in sport-plus mode, offering the car some kick – giving you that roar, pop, and snarl from your tailpipe.

Sign up for updates and learn more about the all-new Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe

Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe

The 2017 Audi A4 offers customers manual transmission and standard all-wheel drive

2017 Audi A4

The redesigned Audi A4 will be the only luxury sedan offering a manual transmission with all-wheel drive capability.

Audi USA announced this week that its redesigned 2017 Audi A4 will be available in manual transmission for the first time in recent years. Audi will be the only manufacturer in the luxury sedan segment offering the option of a manual transmission with all-wheel drive capability.

The newly redesigned six speed manual will give the A4 greater performance capabilities. The model’s six-speed manual sprints from 0-60 mph in 5.7 seconds, improving it 0.7 seconds from the last generation. The transmission nicely complements the performance enhancements generated from the A4’s 2.0 TFSI® engine that gives it 252 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque.

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The 2017 Audi A4 will also be available with a seven-speed S tronic® dual-clutch automatic transmission with front-wheel drive or available quattro® all-wheel drive for customers who prefer to drive an automatic vehicle.

Visit your local off-base Military AutoSource showroom to see the new Audi A4 on display and order with your military benefits for as low as $449 per month*. 

*For qualified customers only. Based on total selling price of $38,979. 3.24% APR financing for 84 months at $449.99 per month, with $5,200 down payment for delivery in Europe. Available only at participating authorized MAS Audi locations. Specific vehicles are subject to availability and may have to be ordered. Subject to credit approval by lender. Rate applies only to Audi model vehicles listed. Not everyone will qualify. See your Military AutoSource location for complete details on this and other finance offers. Vehicle shown is for illustration only, and may contain optional equipment available at additional cost. Program and guarantees are subject to terms and conditions. Offered by Auto Exchange Kaftfahrzeug-Handels GmbH.

Mission Muscle | The “RESET” Button


In this month’s edition of Mission Muscle, guest fitness blogger Linton McClain talks about resetting your ‘fitness focus’ after summer.

Dodge-emblemMilitary AutoSource and Dodge bring you Mission Muscle – keeping MUSCLE FITNESS and MUSCLE CARS top of mind by offering fitness tips and military savings! Click to learn if you’re eligible to receive exclusive overseas military discounts on top Dodge muscle cars, including the Charger and Challenger.

The “RESET” Button

By Linton McClain
Personal Trainer, Superior Body Sculpting

What was your most memorable part of the summer? Was it spending quality time with family? Going on a vacation? Maybe it was visiting a new city while being stationed overseas. As many of us have been enjoying ourselves, we know that it’s time to get back to business. We may have lost our fitness focus a bit during the summer but we can recover with a little discipline and commitment. This sounds like the perfect time to reset the routine.

Resetting the Work Routine

During the summer season our routine tends to change drastically. Kids are out of school, then they are going back to school. Traffic patterns change. Co-workers are more distracted with balancing life changes. With all that said, your exercise routine suffers as a result of the changes in your schedule and environment. It is difficult to stick to a routine when everything around you seems to be out of balance. On the other hand, when you fix your routine you will notice that everyone and everything in your circle functions better.

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What are some ways you can reset your current routine? Start by writing out your ideal routine and schedule. List all tasks. Next, write out what’s currently happening in your routine and schedule. Being honest with yourself is the key component. Finally, once you have both of these items, start with the first item on both lists and make plans. Learn to be patient with your ability to adjust. You can’t rush change. Enjoy the process and learn from every moment.

Resetting the Training Routine

As you are getting back into your routine you may notice that your body isn’t responding the same way. Exercises and motions don’t feel the same as they once did. Having a good exercise routine works heavily in your favor. Exercise transforms the mind, body, and your ability to perform. Your body reaches it’s peak performance when you are in a well-balanced routine. The body can adapt flawlessly with proper conditioning, exercise, rest, and nutrition. Unfortunately, maintaining a routine without interruption is highly unlikely. Your ability to be realistic about your current conditioning can help or hurt you when trying to start or maintain an exercise routine.

Implementing a “proper” exercise routine can prove to be difficult as an active duty military member. Conditions are constantly changing. Adjustments are increasingly difficult. Inevitably, these times of distraction will affect your strength and stamina. Without a doubt, both strength and stamina deteriorate when you fall off your routine for a few weeks. Knowing that, it would be wise to know if it’s necessary to take a step back in your intensity or approach before you take a step forward. The best exercise routine is not the most difficult one. The best exercise routine is the one that fits your current situation best.

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Every military member needs to be able to pass his or her PFT. Depending on your current situation, you may need to make a few adjustments. This is your chance to hit the “reset”  button to attain passing results. Your fitness test will consist of push-ups, sit-ups, running, and pull-ups. These are functional exercises. With each exercise, proper conditioning is the key. You and I can both agree that these exercises are not practiced throughout your daily routine. You can change that by resetting your routine. Start early enough and your body will adapt properly.

My recommendation is to start training at least three months prior to your PFT. Start with minimal effort and increase the intensity 10% every week. Start off with pushups (knees down). Do your sit-ups while lowering yourself only to a 45 degree angle.   Walk-Run the distance.   Do curl-ups instead of pull-ups. Over time you will notice the muscle development, stamina, and the  strength of your body improving.  Challenge yourself normally after the 5th  week of consistency.  Continue to push yourself a little bit more each consecutive week and you will be amazed at the results.

Timing is Everything

Our environment is ever changing and we are ever evolving to adapt to those changes. Although necessary, adapting can be a tremendous challenge. Sometimes you just need to reset your routine and start fresh. Having a clear mind and a clear focus helps us in the most challenging times and environments. Adapting to change is part of our job as military members. With that said, fitness is a large part of that process. We are able to maintain a presence in some of the harshest environments because of our physical conditioning. Get back to that level of fitness and you will be able to handle the toughest times in your life. Finish the summer and hit the “RESET” button. If you have any questions about fitness please contact me at www.sbsculptme.com. Be safe.

For more information on health and wellness visit www.sbsculptme.com.

The 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor is back … enter for your chance to own

2017 Ford F-150 Raptors

Military AutoSource has 32 of the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptors available at exclusive overseas military pricing. Enter the purchase drawing for your chance to own one.

The Ford F-150 Raptor has been redesigned for 2017 with all new features and enhanced performance. To give all of our customers the chance to own this popular vehicle, Military AutoSource is holding a purchase drawing. The drawing will be open for entries from September 15th through September 30th. Winners will be notified by October 5, 2016.

The all-new F-150 Raptor features:

  • All-new high-output 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine with Auto Start-Stop Technology
  • All-new 10-speed automatic transmission with SelectShift capability
  • 360-degree camera with split-view display
  • BF Goodrich 35″ all-terrain T/A KO2 tires
  • FOX Racing Shox
  • High-strength steel frame and military-grade, aluminum alloy body and box
  • SYNC 3
  • SYNC Connect Powered by FordPass
  • Terrain Management System
  • TORSEN® front differential


Comparing Automatic and Manual Transmission Vehicles

Overseas Military 1946

While you’re shopping for your new car there will be a few decisions you have to make: manufacturer, color, type, etc. One question to ask yourself is do you want an automatic or manual transmission? 

With the popularity of the automatic, some people may even ask themselves ‘what is a manual transmission?’. On the outside they look the same, but inside, they are two very different types of vehicles. Below is a basic overview of automatic and manual transmission vehicles.


The automatic vehicle is what most drivers are accustomed to. Cars that have an automatic transmission just have one set of gears that automatically shift based on how you are driving. Once you set your car in drive the car basically does the rest.

Not having to switch gears allows you to focus on the road. It’s less complex to learn how to drive an automatic, which makes it great for new drivers. The easiness of driving an automatic is what has made them so popular among drivers across the board. In 2012, 93% of new cars sold were automatic, according to Edmunds.com.

The downside to owning an automatic? Since the gear system is so complex, it could potentially cost you more time and money to repair if something goes wrong.


Back in the 90s, one out every four cars sold were a manual transmission. Today, they’re not as popular. In a manual, you have to manually change between the gears as you drive. The interior of a manual is different than an automatic, it has two extra features: the gear stick (stick shift) and the clutch.

The gear shift is located on the driver’s left-hand side between the front seats. It is what you use to change between the car’s gears. The shift has 5 gears for driving forward and one for reverse. The clutch is a pedal that is located at the driver’s feet. To change gears in your car, you need to push down on the clutch, select your gear, and then release the clutch.

A manual car is harder to drive than an automatic because you constantly have to be aware of what gear you’re in and be ready to change. There is also a high potential to stall your engine if you do not change gears correctly.

Need help deciding what your next vehicle should be? Speak to one of our Sales Representatives today and take advantage of your exclusive military discount and rebate offers on leading automotive brands.  


‘Crack the Safe’ event gives service members the chance to win a Ford


Military members in Lakenheath and Mildenhall can try to “crack the safe” to win a brand-new Ford vehicle.

Military AutoSource has locked away the keys to a brand new Ford vehicle in the safe at our on-base locations in Lakenheath and Mildenhall. Military members are invited to the Crack the Safe event on Friday, September 16th and Saturday, September 17th for their chance to open the safe and win a Ford.

Everyone in attendance at the event can enter for the chance to win additional giveaways. Military AutoSource Sales Representatives will also be available to answer questions about military benefits and discounts on Ford vehicles. Buying a car through the Military AutoSource program gives military members added protections and benefits. Exclusive benefits include worldwide warranty coverage, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a Lowest Price Guarantee when taking delivery in the United States.

To learn more about the event, contact our on-base locations in Lakenheath and Mildenhall

No purchase necessary. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Winner must be a U.S. citizen, 19 years or older and a member of the U.S. Military or civilian component (DOD or Government Contractor) on active duty. Winners must show proof of Military Status. MAS reserves the right to substitute second level prizes at their discretion Limit of one prize per person. All programs and guarantees are subject to terms and conditions. Visit www.militaryautosource.com/onbase/ford or see your Sales Representative for complete details. Overseas Military Sales Corporation is an authorized contractor of the Exchange and NEXCOM. Military AutoSource is an authorized distributor to sell and distribute Ford vehicles. This advertisement does not express or imply endorsement by the Exchange, NEXCOM, DOD components, or the Federal Government and is not sponsored by them.