Congratulations on your new Toyota Rav4!

“I was recommended by trusted person, whom we had purchased a vehicle from a while ago, to go see Chris at Military AutoSource.

Chris at Ramstein Military Autosource is a very exceptional, and, you would think rare to find, car salesman in that he worked at our speed. He did not pressure us to buy something we did not want. He was patient when I became anxious about the process of selling my vehicle so I could purchase a vehicle from him. What was even more surprising, is he shouldered the burden of listing our vehicle and arranging the meet to sell our car without requesting or expecting some sort of payment for the help.

And not only did Chris show excellent salesmanship, but his all of his colleagues, Matthew, Perry, and the one new female (I apologize for not remembering her name) demonstrated great teamwork in assisting Chris in processing my paperwork during his downtime without seeking credit for the help. More than once did they stop what they were doing to assist me, knowing I was not their client and they would not be paid for their time.

Now, Mandy and I are in a vehicle we needed. Thanks again Chris and the team from the Ramstein’s Military Auto Source! Mandy and I will be in the market again for a new vehicle, and your location will be our first stop.”

– Mandy and Paul Sanders

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