The Lincoln Motor Company Plans to Unveil the Lincoln Continental

Ford announced today that their luxury division, the Lincoln Motor Company, will be unveiling a new vehicle in New York this week, in time for the New York Auto Show

1961 lincoln continental
01961 Lincoln Continental

The new Lincoln Continental is officially a concept vehicle at this time, but Ford announced plans to put a similar car into production next year. The concept Lincoln vehicle features a brand-new turbo charged engine, along with luxury features, such as a fold out table in the back with an attached tablet computer and a champagne cooler.

The front lights on the concept car come on in sequence, starting with lighted Lincoln four-pointed star. That will happen in the production car as the car’s owner approaches with the key fob.

Ford has a history with the Continental, originally being sold as a separate brand from Lincoln in the 50’s, and eventually in the 60’s becoming a part of the Lincoln lineup. The Lincoln Continental became an icon of the Kennedy-era.

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