What can you get with $99 a month? If you’re in the military, it could be a new Ford

U.S. Military stationed overseas can order a Ford Fiesta, Focus, or Fusion for $99 a month and take delivery stateside or overseas.

Right now during the “Green Tag Sale” at Military AutoSource, U.S. Military members stationed overseas can score a Ford Focus, Fiesta or Fusion for JUST $99 a month! That got us thinking. What else could we get for $99 a month?

We did a little research and found out what you could buy each month with $99

You could order 12 Chipotle Burritos WITH Guacamole for lunch
You could cross the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in NYC 6 times
You could buy 20 Grande Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks
You could get 1 used bicycle off eBay – Get ready to bid!


You can drive away in a brand-new Ford Focus, Fiesta, or Fusion! Seems like a no-brainer, right?

The Exchange-authorized, military car program Military AutoSource (MAS) is offering deployed personnel the chance to order a Ford vehicle for as-little-as $99 a month. The Green Tag Sale is running at all on-base Military AutoSource locations. U.S. Military can order a Ford Fiesta, Focus, or Fusion for just $99 a month for the first nine months. Other popular Ford models, including the Ford Mustang and Ford Escape, can be ordered for $199 a month. Military members can choose to have their Ford vehicle delivered to their overseas duty-station or have it waiting for them stateside when they return.

Military AutoSource has been serving the military for over 50 years, providing exclusive savings, benefits and securities to U.S. Military personnel who are stationed overseas. Military AutoSource is conveniently located on-base, offering pre-negotiated discounts through the Exchange and the Ford Motor Company. Military AutoSource Sales Representatives are also available online 24/7 at militaryautosource.com/ford.

Ford Military DiscountFord Military Discount

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